Baby Blessings Bucks County PA

Blessings & Memorial Services

Baby or Adult Naming/Blessings –  Creating a special service to welcome your newborn or honor your name should be a beautiful ceremony that conveys your wishes for the child, your family member or yourself.  We can work together to create a meaningful service for the special occasion.

Memorials and Funerals – The passing of a life into the next stage is just as important as a wedding or a birth.  Death can be difficult for those who remain, and I pledge to help you and your family create a service that celebrates the life of your loved one in a manner that not only reflects his/her personality and beliefs, but one that honors his/her individual spiritual path.  Whether simple or elaborate, we will work together to make it both beautiful and loving.

The Value of Ritual – All spiritual traditions use ritual to engage the senses, to alert the participant that something sacred is about to occur.  When we light a candle, watch a flame flicker, hear a bell ring or even smell incense, our physical body is providing our emotions, our minds and our spirits with an opportunity to manage change in our lives.

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